Always keep a watchful eye about you. In an uncertain world, sometimes video is the only proof to determine a crime or harassment was committed. Cop Cam by Atomic Beam is the compact, wireless security camera that measures less than 1-square inch. Hide the mini camera to record anytime anywhere. Cop Cam has a motion sensor that only records when motion is detected. Plus, a powerful microphone also records audio. Thanks to loop-recording the motion sensor camera catches everything 24/7. Load onto your computer to see what that sneaky nanny has been up to or who’s letting their dog do its business on your property. Attach the swivel clip to turn CopCam into a powerful dash cam, hidden body camera, or action cam! And unlike other hidden security cameras that shoot 70° of space, Cop Cam shoots 2x the area for optimal surveillance. Cop Cam is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs records day or night! Add an extra set of eyes with Cop Cam!

HOME SECURITY CAMERA: a hard-wired security camera system is expensive; Cop Cam is a rechargeable wireless security camera that measures less than 1-square inch!

HIGH DEFINITION: mini camera records in full HD video and is equipped with a powerful microphone to record perfect audio; records 27/7 day or night.

MOTION ACTIVATED CAMERA: other security cameras show you hours of useless footage, but Cop Cam is motion-activated so it only records when there’s movement.

MORE THAN SECURITY: attach the included swivel clip to turn Cop Cam into an HD dash cam, or mini action camera.

INCLUDED: one (1) Cop Cam by Atomic Beam, swivel clip, wall mount, USB charging cable, and 8GB SD card.

Mini security camera: Getting a hard-wired hidden security camera installed in your home is expensive. Cop Cam by Atomic Beam is the affordable solution to keeping an eye on your home. The wireless security camera measures less than 1-square inch and hides virtually anywhere. Easily hide it on a shelf or mount it on a wall. Cop Cam records in HD video and has a microphone to record in perfect audio. Please review state and local laws of your jurisdiction regarding the use of video recording devices.


Night vision: Not all home security cameras can record during the night. But Cop Cam can. It features 6 red infrared LED lights that allow you to record in pitch blackness. And because the infrared LEDs emit light invisible to the human eye, trespassers, burglars, and other criminals won’t know they’re being watched. Cop Cam’s night vision feature works indoors and outdoors.

High definition: Cop Cam is equipped with a high definition camera that records in HD video and perfect audio for best footage possible.

Motion activated: Loop-recording camera starts recording when it detects motion and stops when it motion is no longer detected. No more sifting through hours of uneventful footage.

More than a security camera: Use the included swivel clip and turn Cop Cam into a powerful dash cam or action camera! Easily upload your videos to your computer.


  • Compact, wireless security camera
  • Motion sensor only records when motion is detected
  • Easy to hide – measures less than 1-square inch
  • Loop records so you never miss a thing
  • Powerful microphone records audio
  • 6 infrared LEDs record at night
  • View recorded videos on your computer
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • One-button operation
  • Records 2x greater area of space
  • Perfect to use as a dash cam, body cam, and action cam

INLCUDED: Atomic Beam Cop Cam, Swivel Clip, 8GB Memory Card, Instructions and USB Cable.


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  • This product can be returned for exchange or refund if defective within 30 days of purchase. For assistance call 1-866-248-1490. Original packaging must be included with return with proof of purchase.

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